Paper Roll Dimensions


Measure the width of the paper (that is the width of the docket that comes out of the register), and then measure the diameter of the entire roll. In our product codes the first number is the width of the docket and the second is the diameter of the roll.

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Paper quality

OnlinePOS imports our best quality paper from Japan. All our thermal paper is coated with top quality colour forming elements to produce clear image when heat is transferred. This heat is transferred from the printer head which is located in your thermal printer. There are two factors within looking at quality for your thermal printer and paper. The first is the quality of your printer and the second is the quality of the paper. The quality of the paper is very important as the ink is already within the paper. This does make a distinct difference in your final printout. If the pigment is low in your paper then your prints are more likely to fade quickly. This is especially important if you depend on your receipts for record keeping.

Issue with printer

Using low-grade thermal paper rolls can cause damage to your printing equipment over a period of time. Our quality thermal rolls minimises paper dust which is a factor to the malfunction of POS equipment. All our thermal rolls maintain excellent quality, dark image and smoothness.

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